Top 5 SEO Myths that You Need to Let Go Of Today
SEO Myths


Search Engine Optimization is one of those areas of advertising that is never constant. It is continuously changing. During studying SEO techniques and devising new ones, people tend to learn and develop specific seo myths.

Whenever some things that work are adopted as unrivaled truths that often turn into myths as the latest updater, how many people are aware of this? Not many, so here is really a list of some of the popular SEO myths which you should know about and overlook:

Myth 1: Number 1 rank is quite important

First of the SEO Myths: Progressing to the number one position within the SERPs is the ultimate goal for most search engine optimization firms. It is time for a reality check and understands that bagging the number one position is practically impossible concerning high competitive keyword phrases. It is also important to realize that grabbing first place is not that important anymore.

Myth 2: Keywords don’t matter

This myth comes from the fact that certain keyword density is considered ‘illegal’ by Google’s codes. So let us now break this misconception down and realize that no matter how sophisticated Google’s algorithm has become, it still provides a lot of importance for keywords within the content.

Myth 3: Meta labels are considered important

With the development in Google’s codes, meta labels today seem to be much less dependent. However, it is time to get rid of meta tags simply because Google no longer depends upon them, and it is time to focus and provide all your attention to composing great content.

Back in the day, when the SEO individuals gave a lot of significance to links and content was trash. But times now have changed simply because Google has become better in terms of updating by itself. So yes, if there is one good back-link and content is of high value, it will perform wonders.

Myth 5: Social Networking and SEO Unrelated

Among all the SEO myths, this one must be broken almost instantly because if this misconception continues, we have been losing out a great deal in promoting internet sites and letting individuals know about us.

Search engines have finally recognized the power that could be drawn out of social media, and search engines are trying to promote businesses whose social media accounts are well established. Social networking is one of the biggest drivers of traffic today, and it greatly helps in the field of SEO.

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